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Measure up

Measurements can be supplied by yourself or taken by one of our expert fitters. Depending on your requirements, we can visit out of office hours to enable flooring measurements to be taken after you have finished work or during the day.

If you do take your own measurements, make sure that you measure the longest width and length of the room, taking into account any doorways and alcoves. Once you have your flooring measurements, then click here to use our contact form or give us a call on 01244 680200 and we can provide you with a no-obligation quotation. Alternatively, if you’re not sure which carpet or flooring you require, then pop into our store and ask Albert. You’ll receive friendly and impartial advice on the right type of flooring for your home, with no high-pressure sales, upselling or any other underhand tactics.

A site visit for measuring up prior to fitting carpet or other flooring can be beneficial though as we can then discuss pile direction dependant on the size and shape of the room. And, if you require LVT, Laminate or Cushion Vinyl Flooring, then we can also carry out a site survey to establish whether your subfloor needs smoothing before fitting commences.

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Free professional measuring service
Get your floors measured by professionals with Elite Flooring Chester

Made in the UK

All of our carpets and flooring are sourced from the best and most reliable British manufacturers. So, you can rest assured that everytime we fit, you’ll get great, long-lasting value for money.

Made in the UK

Any questions?

Not sure which carpet to go for? Need some advice on what type of flooring to use in a certain part of the house? Don’t know your door plate from your gripper rod? Don’t worry, just ask Albert!

Our owner has over 30 years’ experience in the carpet and flooring business. Albert can provide expert advice on which carpet or flooring would suit your project, which type of material would work best for you and even which colours and styles would best match your current décor.

So, if you have any questions at all, just give us a call on 01244 680200, use our handy contact form, or pop into Chester’s number one family–friendly carpet retailer for a chat.

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